The Project

In June of 2011 the City of Burlington applied to the Government of Ontario to access funding to complete a Cultural Action Plan.  In November, the City of Burlington was successful and awarded $61,550 towards the project. The City of Burlington contributed an additional $52,300.

The City of Burlington has hired CoBALT Connects (formerly the Imperial Cotton Centre for the Arts), an Arts Service Organization, through an open Request for Proposals to lead the planning process, and to work with City staff and the community on the creation of the Cultural Action Plan.

What is a Cultural Action Plan?

The City of Burlington’s Cultural Action Plan is a research and consultation process aimed at creating a long-term strategy towards cultural development in Burlington.   The plan will identify community and industry priorities on culture, recommend approaches to addressing those priorities, and develop a strategy for the community, industry and municipality to reach their goals together.

What is the process being taken to develop the plan?

Over the next 10-months the Cultural Action Plan will utilize the following processes to develop the Cultural Action Plan:

  1. Literature Review and Best-Practice Research
  • Looking at Burlington’s past efforts on cultural development, internal strategic documents and plans that affect culture.
  • How other cities have created programs, partnerships and structures that enable the creative community to flourish.
  1. Extensive public consultation to determine community values and priorities
  • Meetings with residents in their neighbourhoods and at major events to get input on cultural values, ideas and opportunities.
  1. Industry-specific focus groups and interviews
  • 5 groups created to give us in-depth information on being a local artist, arts organization, creative business, educator or resident in Burlington.
  1. Surveys and Statistics
  • Through the use of a customized site call CulturalBEAT.ca we’ll be asking the community to share information, thoughts and insights into local culture.
  • Combined with information from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Arts Database we’ll gain an understanding of the arts sector in our community.

How can I get involved?

The Cultural Action Plan process is all about interaction and we want your input - whether you’re new to town or a lifelong resident; an artist or creative business; young or old and all points in between!

Public Input
For upcoming events in your neighbourhood check out the calendar page

Join a Community Committee
Throughout the process we’re creating committees to represent targeted communities including: creative industries, residents, youth, cultural producers and education.  Committees will meet approximately 4 times over the next 8 months, with each meeting being 1-2 hours.

If you’re interested in joining a committee please contact Jeremy Freiburger, CoBALT Connects; Jeremy@cobaltconnects.ca ; 905-548-0111.

Take the survey
There are 4 different areas representing different segments of the community on the home page.  Choose the area that best reflects you to complete the survey.  The survey is only 15 simple questions and we would love your input.