Ashby Musical Enterprises

We are a supplier of music education services and church music. Educationally, we offer private lessons in piano, theory, brass and woodwinds, as well as online theory classes that prepare students for RCM examinations.

Ashby Music Studio is located at 2397 Sutton Drive in Burlington, Ontario. Classes and lessons are conducted in a beautiful home studio. Offering private lessons in piano and classes in music theory, Ashby Music Studio is a division of Ashby Musical Enterprises (AME), a supplier of quality church music and music education.

Music In Motion Canada

Sandra Brewer is the principal of Music in Motion Canada, providing private studio piano lessons for children and adults. Sandra teaches all levels of piano, from beginner to Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) grade 10 as well as theory for exams. Sandra specializes in beginner levels with the goal of helping students learn to play musically, articulately and to take pride in their achievements.

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Rotary Burlington Music Festival

The Rotary Burlington Music Festival was founded in 1999 and is presented by ORMTA Hamilton/Halton and the 4 Rotary Clubs of Burlington. I provides an opportunity for amateur musicians through competition, to achieve excellence in their art and assist the participants in developing character, discipline, logical thinkingg and perception through music.
Competition November 5th through 17th, 2012. The Grand Concert showcasing winners will be held November 24th, 2012 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

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