Visual Art

Bennett Arts

Photographer and fine artist in acrylics.
Always learning and wanting to learn. No limits-it's just those two right now.
I like the unexpected in photography and when I'm painting.

Blue Roots Art Studio

Donna Grandin came to Canada in 1991, at the age of 17, as an International Student from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. In 1997 Donna graduated with an Honours B.A. in Art from McMaster University in Hamilton, and she moved to Burlington with her husband a year later.

Burlington Art Centre

Unique...inspiring...home...Each word describes the Burlington Art Centre, a multi-faceted facility nestled next to Lake Ontario in the heart of Burlington, ON.

It is truly a centre for art, supporting artists, staging exhibitions, nurturing a nationally and internationally recognized ceramic collection, and serving the community.

A Unique Home to Seven Guilds

City of Burlington - Public Art

The mission of the City of Burlington’s Public Art Program is to enhance the quality of life in Burlington through the rich context of the arts. The program strives to bring artwork by both established and emerging artists to the city centre and the neighbourhoods throughout Burlington, Ontario. The Public Art Program provides cultural opportunity, guides the evolution of a vibrant artistic character for the City’s emerging public places, and ensures a visual legacy for all to enjoy.

Creative Insight Studio

Creative Insight Studio is a handmade ceramics studio that offers pottery classes to kids and adults of all ages.

We also provide mobile pottery workshops to various locations in the community, working with schools, art centers, fund raisers, etc as well as summer camps, classes for special needs, and all kinds of creative events throughout the community.

MLH Productions

Margaret Lindsay Holton, aka 'Lindsay', here.

Mid-career multi-disciplined award-winning 'canajun' artist/producer
.... from this ever-mythical & magical land of 'Canadada' ...

Pinhole photography, photo-collage photography:
I also make digital pictures from an artist's p.o.v.

30+ years of oil paintings, many sizes, on commission, or on spec.
Will do landscapes, house or portrait - sky's the limit -
in my signature 'naive-surreal-folk-abstract' style. Own an original.

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