Non-Cultural Business Survey

The Business community in Burlington includes a wide array of business types, from farming to advanced-manufacturing, retail to engineering   and high-tech. The City of Burlington Cultural Action Plan process has partnered with Burlington Economic Development Corporation to conduct special research into the business sector’s role in local culture.

Take the Survey

The City of Burlington Cultural Action Plan has created unique surveys for each segment of the creative community.  The survey is only 15 questions and should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Key points to the privacy and care of your data:

  1. The raw data will never be viewed by the City of Burlington.  Only the consulting team members of CoBALT Connects will view the data
  2. The data will only be presented in aggregate form.  For example, we’ll never say “Karen earned $30,000.”  We’re more likely to say “Musicians in Burlington earn $30,000 - $40,000 on average.”
  3. Long-term care of the data.  CoBALT Connects will hold the raw dataset for a 3-year period should the City ever wish to do a follow-up study with comparable data.  Again, should this occur the City of Burlington and any other researcher will not see or be given the raw data collected through this process.

Thank you for participating in the General Public survey. CoBALT Connects will provide each respondent with a full copy of the report generated from this survey.

Questions?  Please contact Jeremy Freiburger;; 905-548-0111